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Saturday, November 5

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(re)Image High SchoolLIMITED 310 A Digital Historian's ToolkitLIMITED 441 A novel approach to blogging in the classroom.FILLING 311 ABCDs of Culture Shift - A Teacher’s and an Administrator’s JourneyLIMITED 322 Blended Learning (cross-curricular alignment and design thinking/Agile)LIMITED 323 BreakoutEDUFILLING 330 Chromebook Integration 101FULL 331 Coding and More: Creating a Student-centered Classroom with TechnologyFULL 340 Creative Social Studies Projects for Secondary ClassroomsFILLING 341 Digital Dynamics: Creating Your Cyberspace EcosystemLIMITED 350 Digital Portfolios: Why and HowFULL 821 Getting Started with Microsoft OneNote and OneNote Class NotebookLIMITED 360 Google What?...I'm so confused!FILLING 302 Just the Basics - Google Docs and SlidesFILLING 300 Literacy Playbooks: Integrating it All with Design and PurposeLIMITED 301 Little Researchers: Helping Primary Students Navigate the WebFULL 820 Making Learning Social Through Social MediaLIMITED 303 Mary had a little Robot, it helped her learn and GrowFILLING 411 Organize Your Digital Workflow with Google ClassroomFULL 412 Prescription for Innovation: PlayFULL 511 Presentation MattersFULL 430 Schools Kids Love through Empathy and MeasurementLIMITED 431 Secrets to Scaling Innovation and Building Your TribeLIMITED 440 Smash Some Apps!FULL 450 Student-Led Conferences and 20% Time ProjectsFILLING 321 Tweet to Learn! Twitter for Personalized, On-Demand Professional DevelopmentLIMITED 461 The Playground Media Center

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#GoOpen: Mooooving to Digital Learning through C.O.W.LIMITED 302 Adding students' voice through student perception surveysLIMITED 501 Create Math Explorers with Desmos Activity BuilderFILLING 300 Digital Exit TicketsFULL 301 Engage Students Through ChoiceFULL 303 Engaging Student Creativity on the iPadFULL 411 Genius Hour: It's Totally Worth It!FULL 820 History + Google Earth = Amazing results!!FULL 440 HyperDocs - Digital Lesson DesignFULL 430 Innovate your Classroom with Google Drawings: the Best Tool You're Not Using!FULL 431 Instructional Tech Team: Building Capacity and LeadershipFILLING 502 Mount Vernon’s Digital Resources for Teachers and StudentsLIMITED 441 Quit using popsicle sticks - call on all the kids!FULL 450 Reimagine School with Quantum Academy in the Escondido Union School DistrictLIMITED 460 Technology in the foreign language classroomLIMITED 461 The Art of Storyboarding Across the Curriculum: Take Projects to the Next LevelFULL 400 The Magic of QR CodesLIMITED 511 What Firsties and other Littles CAN do!FULL 412 What’s a Hyperduino? Learn about a new multimedia tool for your curriculum.LIMITED 451 When Math and Tech CollideFULL 360 The Playground Media Center Beyond Blended Learning: Moving from Consumption to Creation - CANCELLEDLIMITED 310 Coding for Educators: Resources K-12FILLING 311 Deeper Learning Through Design ThinkingFULL 322 Digital PortfoliosLIMITED 321 GAFE 4 Littles!FULL 821 Google Forms: From basic to bedazzledFULL 323 Learning Drive: Getting Started with Google AppsLIMITED 330 Making Great Videos in the Classroom: The Shooting GalleryFILLING 331 Social Media ButterflyLIMITED 340 Teachers vs Zombies: Blended LearningFILLING 341 There is Time for All Content!LIMITED 350 Tinkering Across the Content: Engineering LiteracyLIMITED 351

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Automate Communication with Google Forms and Add-ons.FULL 301 Developing Early Elementary Language Skills Through TechnologyFULL 300 Digital Differentiation with Google ClassroomFULL 821 Digital Story Telling with Instagram, Snapchat, and other Smartphone AppsFILLING 302 ePals - Connect and Collaborate with Learners All Around the WorldFILLING 303 Mastery Focused Teaching Through Digital BadgesLIMITED 412 OER What? Navigating the #GoOpen Seas in Textbook World.LIMITED 461 Project Based Learning and Next Generation Science For ElementaryFULL 430 Rethinking Research: 10 Misconceptions About Teaching Students How to ResearchFULL 431 Revolutionary Ideas on a Revolutionized WebsiteLIMITED 441 Revolutionize digital grading using Google Classroom and Goobric.FILLING 440 Rock your World with Interactive InfographicsFULL 820 Screencasting in the ClassroomFILLING 460 Student Digital Portfolios made easy.LIMITED 502 Super Coders!FULL 400 The Light BulbFILLING 511 The Perfect Blend: Using History & Technology to Create, Transform, and InspireLIMITED 501 Time for TOSAsFILLING 450 Transforming our school the Roadrunner Way! Fast, Tenacious and Smart!LIMITED 510 Using Digital Assessment Tools (UDAT)LIMITED 451 Using Google Forms in the ClassroomFILLING 360 The Playground Media Center Breakout EDU DigitalLIMITED 311 Coding to the CoreLIMITED 322 Collaborative Learning With Google Drawings (STEAM Classes)LIMITED 323 CritiqueLIMITED 321 Dive into DesmosLIMITED 320 EDpuzzle 101. A convenient tool to make your day more effective.LIMITED 331 Google Slides: More Than a Presentation ToolFULL 340 Hooray for Hyperdocs!LIMITED 341 Interactive Maker Projects with ChromebooksLIMITED 350 Linked Learning: Building a Framework for a Truly Student-Centered EnvironmentLIMITED 351 STEAM Powered Art with LittleBitsFILLING 330 “A Deeper Look at Math in Art:Tech Edition”LIMITED 310

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